PoshSnob Peacock "Sheer Skin" Brazilian Scrunch Leggings Set Capri Size S-L
PoshSnob Peacock "Sheer Skin" Brazilian Scrunch Leggings Set Capri Size S-L

PoshSnob Peacock "Sheer Skin" Brazilian Scrunch Leggings Set Capri Size S-L

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    • nylon mesh sheer blend
      Size S: USA Size 2-4 Waist (inches) 24-25 Hips (Inches) 35-36 
      Size M: USA Size:6-8 Waist (inches) 26-27 Hips (Inches): 37-38
      Size L: USA Size:10-12 Waist (inches) 28-29 Hips (Inches): 39-40

    • Inseam 24" (inches)

    • sheer capri leggings and sheer short sleeved top included


  •   Sheer Skin Lounge Leggings. Sheer skin fits like skin and shows off every curve effortlessly. Our sheer skin leggings are a sheer nylon mesh blend with a lot of stretch. Our sheer leggings are a sheer printed material that fits tightly to the skin. The flexi-material gives you an ultra-deep booty scrunch effect! These leggings DO NOT lift or constrict the curves, they simply show off your beautiful natural silhouette. We do not suggest "Sheer Skin" Lounge leggings be worn in the gym.

    • PLEASE NOTE: these leggings are a stretchy nylon/mesh sheer material, must handle with care, they are lounge leggings and not meant for heavy active activity.
    • Customer Photos are just to reference the style, customer may be wearing a different color than your selection.

    PoshSnob Products have been photographed to accurately portray true color. Colors may vary with actual product depending on resolution of your computer screen.

Why choose PoshSNOB SCrunch?

Reason one

PoshSnob scrunch booty leggings are designed to showcase your best curves. PoshSnob leggings help to make the booty look bigger by creating the perfect scrunch silhouette. PoshSnob leggings have a super deep scrunch, designed to be flattering on ANY size booty. Whether you are a part of the little booties club or dump trunk mafia PoshSnob will have you turning heads!

Reason two

Tight Scrunch back leggings at PoshSnob no matter what size the booty! Why our scrunch is so tight? At PoshSnob our elastic is woven with a thick double sponged piping that creates less slacking when pulled. Our specially formulated elastic keeps the elastic pull up tight when stretched, giving you a perfect silhouette from all angles.