• Why was all or part of my order cancelled?

​Orders are rarely cancelled. All order shipments are subject to product availability. In the rare occasion that partial or complete orders are cancelled due to inventory shortage, the final price of the order will be adjusted and you will receive a refund for the cancelled items.

  • When will I receive my refund?

Once you return an item, refunds will be processed back to your original payment method within 7-10 business days. Occasionally, it takes longer than usual because the return processing center is backed up and we have not yet received confirmation of your return. Your account should reflect the refund within a few days. 

  • Where do I send my return/exchange? 

PoshSnob will fully refund your shipping costs upon return; however, buyers are responsible for return shipping. Return Dept. Address is below

  • I didn't receive an item in my package, did you forget it?

In rare cases, we will send an item separately from a stocked location if it is not stocked in our main location. Don't worry if something is missing in your package. Give it a few days to arrive. In most cases, the item will be in another package on its way. 

  •  How do I use a promotional code?

Visit My Shopping Bag to apply your discount code (coupon codes are not case sensitive) and select apply. 

  • How do you wash PoshSnob Leggings?
Avoid drying on high heat settings and use a gentle cycle only. If possible, let the garment air dry. Plastic melts when heated up in a dryer, causing the elastic to loosen.
  • How long does it take to ship?
Most orders are shipped within three business days. Items that take longer to ship indicate we are backlogged in shipping; however, most items ship within 7 business days of order placement.
  • My Package is lost, what do I do?

Contact us through our contact form link and let us know. Make sure to include your order number. We will try and contact the shipping agent to help retrieve the lost package. 

  • How do I know my size for PoshSnob
Generally, you should choose the same size as you would for leggings. It should be noted that PoshSnob Leggings have an extremely tight scrunch bum back, so the tighter the leggings are, the deeper the scrunch fits.
Return Address:
PoshSnob Returns
2870 Peachtree rd NW #154
Atlanta, GA 30305