Sizing Guides

  • It is important to note most costumes are better when tailored upon receiving. We will try to most accurately state the exact measurements of each size. However, due to the large array of beautiful body types some costumes may need to be tailored to fit you exactly. It is good to have a good seamstress nearby on standby when preparing to have a costume with a perfect fit. 
  • Each Costume will have a sizing guide within the description. Each costume is different in style, the sizing will depend on the style and nature of the costume. Therefore, we list each sizing guide within the actual costume listing.
  • Some of our full bodysuits can be customized to your measurements. If sizing can be custom tailored it will note the option within the description. Please note this will take a few extra days to complete.
  • Costumes containing the need for a petticoat will have the size of petticoat you need to go under the skirt. Please note most of the "poof skirt" costumes are designed with ultra short skirts for a sexy look. You can pair these costumes with a pair of leggings if you want to tone down the effect. 
  • Stockings are mainly one size fits all, if you need extra large stockings for your costume you will have to purchase them separately. 
  • Headdresses will range from small heads to moderately large as most contain and elastic band.